Life On the Waiting List

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Through My Eyes

"Phillip's a little bit like a hedgehog; kind of prickly until you get to know him." - A former boss of mine Quite frankly, that former boss hit the nail on the head where my husband is concerned. Because, let's face it, Phillip IS a little bit prickly....

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Happy New Year? Meh.

I woke up this morning feeling depressed. This isn't exactly something new for me—there's a reason why I'm on Wellbutrin AND Prozac (even if they are super low doses)—it's just that it's New Year's Day and aren't you supposed to be happy on January 1? The...

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Just the Two of Us

#LifeOnTheWaitingList Some days are harder than others. Some weeks are harder than others. Some months are harder than others. On the flip side, some days, weeks, and months are easier than others. Here lately it feels like things have been trending harder...

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Bittersweet Conversations

It seems like here lately I've been having a lot of bittersweet conversations. Granted, when you spend time on the waiting list, you tend to have a decent amount of those. From Hurricane Harvey to kidney sisters to family and everything in between, there's just been a...

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What I Didn’t Say

What I didn't say in this status update was that I was the one that got to tell Phillip that he was losing the kidney. We'd gone by DTI and had labs done and dropped off the 24 hour urine collection, and they told us it would be a couple of hours before they had the...

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